Weighted blankets

When we mention symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, stress or complex neurobehavioral conditions such as autism, our first thought may be to seek medical advice for one or more of these conditions. Or we may look up natural remedies, such as herbs to help ease our discomfort. However, many of us have overlooked a solution that we snuggle under everyday, a blanket but with a twist. A blanket in weighted form.

How Does A Weighted Blanket Work?

Weighted blankets work similarly to deep pressure stimulation, which is a therapeutic technique, but the difference is that instead of hands on pressure, the weighted blanket does all the work throughout the night. Regardless of which condition you’re trying to combat, weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin as well stimulating your body’s pressure points for improving mood and sleep quality. So, rest assured you will wake up feeling well rested.

What is it made off?

In order to encourage effortless relaxation, most weighted blankets are filled with poly pellets, weighted discs, or glass beads. The gravity weighted blankets apply the right amount of pressure across the body so you can rest for euphoria.

List of Benefits

Decreases Stress

Stress happens to everyone, and in order to feel the negative side effects you don’t have to have a chronic stress problem. Whether it’s a bad day at work, a disagreement with your loved one or a mountain of bills, your mental and physical health can be affected by stress. Weighted blankets can lead to restorative sleep, well-being, and stimulate a relaxing experience.

Eases Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Anxiety and panic disorder symptoms can literally leave your life at a standstill. Worse, when an attack strikes, many people with panic disorder, don’t realize. Stressful events for individuals appear to make them more susceptible to a panic attack. Panic syndrome can be treated in many ways, including using a weighted blanket. Studies have demonstrated that people who sleep with a weighted blanket wake up feeling less anxious and more refreshed. Since exhaustion can activate anxiety disorders, the remainder of a good night is an invaluable tool to regulate it.

Alleviate Restless Leg Syndrome

People who suffer with restless leg syndrome often complain about a tingling or creeping feeling in their legs that gets worse when they’re in bed. This can lead to insomnia-like sleep disorders. When travelling by plane or car, the constant urge to move one’s legs can also be a concern. People with restless legs tend to use compression socks to help alleviate the problem, but weighted blankets also seem to be able to do the job due to their comforting weight feeling on the legs.

Reduce the Daily Challenges of Autism

Autism cannot be cured, but researchers have found it possible to manage the symptoms through a variety of treatments and therapies. “Massage or touch therapy is a therapy with evidence of mounting support,” according to researchers from Harvard. Autism patients react to gentler, slower contact and is most favourable in studies. As a result, a weighted blanket can reduce the daily challenges of neurobehavioral conditions.

Aids in Sensory Processing Disorder

“Hitting a roadblock” indicators in the brain can lead to anxiety attacks and are believed to cause sensory problems. Autistic children have a lot in common with those suffering from anxiety disorders. Eventually, there may be both emotional and behavioural damage. Placing a weighted blanket on these children can have a calming effect. The same goes for anxious adults who are using a weighted blanket to create the experience of a much-needed embrace.

Also Aids the Older Generation Too

Weighted blankets can be helpful for the older generation as well. When people age, they change their nightly pattern of sleep-wake. Stress, anxiety, and chronic pain may further disturb sleep causing insomnia episodes. Weighted blankets may help them maintain a routine of a more consistent good night’s sleep.

Weighted Blankets are Hugs Reinvented

When babies are hugged, swaddled, cuddled, and rocked, they tend to respond better. If you think it’s only for kids to get a hug, you may be surprised that even as you age, the sensation won’t go away. With all its beads, the weighted blanket produces a cozy cocoon that emulates the feeling of getting a warm hug from someone which makes this an almost magic blanket.

Benefits ADHD patients

Many patients with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome) have different symptoms, such as lack of focus, restlessness, and impulsivity. Weighted blankets and deep pressure stimulation are found to produce this relaxing and soothing effect that minimises anxiety, perhaps due to serotonin and melatonin release. And because this treatment helps improve one’s mood, those with ADHD may find this addition extremely beneficial to their lives.

So, say goodbye to those sleepless nights. Remove the weight of the world. Replace it with the weight of calm and purchase your very own magical dream hug. No time like the present.

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